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How did Seven Nation Army take over Italy?

It’s probably the most indie sports anthem ever, but if anyone was following the 2006 World Cup then they remember the simple, ever-so-catchy bassline of The White Stripes’ Seven Nation Army. It ended up dominating the whole world of sports, but it became the beloved song of the Italian fans and players. How? 

Alan Siegel at Deadspin did some research. We put it in bullet form.

  • It began on Oct. 22, 2003, at an AC Milan match in spontaneous fashion. The visiting Belgians moved out into the city center, still singing. They kept chanting it in the stands of the San SiroOh…oh-OH-oh oh OHH OHH—as Peruvian striker Andres Mendoza stunned Milan with a goal in the 33rd minute. Brugge made it hold up for a shocking 1-0 upset. Even when leaving the stadium, they continued to belt it out.
  • The song traveled back to Belgium with them, and the Brugge crowd began singing it at home games. The club itself eventually started blasting “Seven Nation Army” through the stadium speakers after goals.
  • On Feb. 15, 2006, Club Brugge hosted A.S. Roma in a UEFA Cup match. The visitors won, 2-1, and the Roma supporters apparently picked up the song from their hosts.
  • “I had never heard the song before we stepped on the field in Bruges,” Roma captain Francesco Totti told a Dutch newspaper later. “Since then, I can’t get the ‘Po po po po po poo pooo’ out of my head. It sounded fantastic and the crowd was immediately totally into it. I quickly went out and bought one of the band’s albums.”
  • The song traveled back to Italy again. Italians renamed it the “po po po po” song.
  • By the time the World Cup kicked off in Germany that June, it had become the Italian national team’s unofficial theme song. 
  • Sports Illustrated reported that fans had serenaded Totti with the song during Italy’s group-stage win over Ghana. The Azzurri beat France in the final on July 9, and “Seven Nation Army” chants popped up on the streets of Rome amongst the celebrations.
  • On July 11, Alessandro Del Piero and Marco Materazzi led a crowd rendition of “Seven Nation Army” from the stage at a Rolling Stones concert.
  • Soon after, Jack White himself weighed in: “I am honored that the Italians have adopted this song as their own,” White said. “Nothing is more beautiful than when people embrace a melody and allow it to enter the pantheon of folk music.”

It’s an amazing story (again, read Alan’s article for the full story) that I remember so well having been in Perugia at the time Italy triumphed. The pre-Waka Waka days of the World Cup, ah, they were so beautiful…

Looooove this!

People Come and Go

Lesson learned: Thank God for removing those from my life that will prevent me from my goods and reaching my highest potential.

As Nene (RHOA) would say, “Buh bye haters! *muah*”

Better off alone than in bad company


The Clásico of the future on Pro Evolution Soccer 2022?

It’s already kind of getting to us. I know, I know, Real Madrid vs Barcelona isn’t until Saturday, but study breaks are already being filled with mock Clásicos on FIFA 12. I’m sure hundreds of millions of digital Clásicos will be played, this week alone. That’s why when I saw this, my jaw kind of dropped. It was probably around a 3.5 out of 10 on the jaw-dropping scale, if my ratings are in accordance with the stereotypical Russian judge in the Olympics.

Anyway, remember the Second Leg of the Champions League semi-final that ended 1-1 at the Camp Nou? Well, Gökhan Karadayi decided to Pro Evo-ize it in a video he entitled “Pro Evolution 2022.” I found myself searching eagerly for the ‘triangle button’ on my computer, mainly so Xavi would actually play a through ball. Konami, EA, the bar has been set. Anyway, AFR will be formally relaunching in a week (12/12), so mark it in your calendar!

Keep It Clean Clásico Contest!


Don’t give up hope just yet. Yes, we know. It got ugly last time around. Very, very ugly. Nevertheless, El Clásico is back and the expectations are bigger than Nicklas Bendtner’s ego. It might be a little optimistic, but we want to see a good, clean game between two of the best football clubs in the world. Is that really too much to ask for? Probably. And that’s the basis of our competition. Okay, we have a copy of FIFA 12 to give away, so listen up!

What you need to do: Tell us the number of cards that will be given during Saturday’s affair at the Bernabeú. (Yellow = 1. Straight Red = 2.) Also tell us your prediction for the score of the game, which will serve as a tie-breaker. Send us an email ( or write on our Facebook Page with your prediction. And be sure to specify if you want the game on PS3 or Xbox 360. 

We’re back on Monday with a brand new look, so please, let’s clean things up!

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